The registration is now CLOSED

To register, please fill out the form and wire the conference fee of 70 EUR to the following bank account. Please note that registration will only be confirmed once the payment has been registered.

Participants from countries outside of the EU have the option of paying the conference fee on site in cash to avoid banking charges. Please check the appropriate field in the registration form if you wish to use this option.

For participants flying in from Malta, an additional fee of one 0.5 liter bottle of Kinnie Zest (payable to the conference organizer upon arrival) per person will be levied.

Bank details


Všeobecná úverová banka (VÚB)

Bank address:

Všeobecná úverová banka

Mlynské nivy 1

829 90 Bratislava 25


IBAN: SK2102000000003804666653
IMPORTANT! Please enter your name and "GHILM6" as "Reason for payment"